Mother protects children from pornography

Tue, Jun 29, 2010

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Family Watch International Spotlight . . .

A young mother living in Scotland, Amy King, had growing concerns about the questionable covers of newspapers and magazines to which her two children were being exposed.

One particular day, those concerns came to a head when Amy walked into the lobby of a service station garage. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. There, in full display for her children and others to see, was a copy of the Daily Sport, a magazine with a cover photo that was not only inappropriate, but in Amy’s estimation, was pornographic.

She immediately spoke to the manager, who told her that the head office dictated where the newspapers were to be put. Amy next contacted the head office. She was assured that their newsstands would be replaced with stands that had frost-fronted covers so the offending magazine and newspaper covers would not be visible.

Sexually explicit magazine covers displayed at a child’s eye level. (We blacked one out)

However, the stands were never replaced, and when Amy asked about it, there was no response. Amy knew this wasn’t an isolated incident. With other concerned individuals, Amy began investigating the placement and content of sexually graphic publications and found that measures to protect children were woefully inadequate.

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